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Ahmed Malik is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Handsome. Fifteen years after emigrating from Syria, Ahmed is now an American success story, with a lucrative job in wealth management and a house on Long Island’s vaunted Gold Coast. He is now one of them, or so he believes. When an otherworldly event changes his family’s lives forever, his new world shatters his illusion of status. Over the course of the first season, Ahmed’s shortcomings are laid bare and those around him start to see his true colors.


Cheating on Aneesha[]

Ahmed is awakened from his sleep by Luke and Sarah whilst Aneesha watches from the doorway. That evening, he claims that he'll be attending a work-related dinner, but in actuality, he is cheating on Aneesha with Amanda Hornsby. When he returns home, he is confronted by his wife, who has not only discovered his infidelity, but also prepared one of Amanda's dishes.[1]

After the neighborhood is shaken by some kind of massive explosion, Ahmed heads outside to assess the situation, where his neighbors have grown suspicious of him, given the nature of the explosion and how his home remains untouched despite the wide-spread damage. Between this and the second explosion, the Maliks decide to flee the city, but Ahmed attempts to leave his family behind in doing so, hoping to catch a ride with the neighbors, who turn him down.[2]

Leaving the city[]

With Ahmed in the passenger seat and the kids in the back, Aneesha recklessly drives them out of the city. They stop at a gas station to gather supplies and charge the car. But when Aneesha notices Manny outside, about to get into a fight with a couple of guys, she steals another family's car and drives it to a nearby motel, where they stay for the night. Ahmed ultimately ends up sleeping on the floor after getting into a fight with Aneesha and leaving Amanda a message, telling her how much he loves her, from the phone in the front office.[3]

Seeking shelter[]

The Maliks are forced to evacuate the motel after a declared federal emergency. On the road, Ahmed is confronted by Aneehsa after she makes another startling discovery about his affair. This leads to Luke running off in the woods. They follow his trail to an older couple living in a house on the other end of the woods, who invite them to stay the night.[4]

The Mitchells are running low on food, and Patrick wants to take Ahmed into town to scavenge for supplies. However, when Ahmed says that he doesn't want to leave the kids, Aneesha volunteers to go on her own.[5]

Ahmed, Luke, Sarah, and the Mitchells hide in the attic after the house is attacked by aliens. They remain there until Aneesha returns and plot their escape. Ahmed and Luke follow Aneesha's lead and head down the steps, but where Aneesha decides to hide in the closet, Manny attempts to unbarricade the door, which catches the attention of one of the aliens.[6]

Ahmed is left badly wounded after being attacked by an alien, forcing Aneesha to pull over to the side of the road and perform an emergency procedure in order to save Ahmed’s life. Once he is stable, they seek shelter for the night in an old retro diner before finding safe haven at Northview College, where Ahmed can be properly treated.[7]

The ultimate sacrifice[]

After the government discovers that they can defeat the aliens with the object Aneesha found in Luke's bag, the Maliks are escorted by the U.S. military to the Pentagon, but their convoy is attacked, and they are forced to hide in the woods, where Ahmed provides a distraction so that Aneesha and the kids can get away.[8]


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