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Alfie Ademura is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Alfie is one of Caspar’s friends.


The bus crash[]

Alfie arrives at school with Caspar, who is bullied in the hall by Monty. After Mr. Edwards intervenes, they board the bus, which crashes off a cliff when Caspar has a seizure and Mr. Edwards takes his eyes off the road.[1]

The kids escape the crash with minor injuries, though Mr. Edwards isn't as fortunate. When the sun sets, they set up camp, start a fire, and choose leadership. Alfie votes against Monty, but he wins by majority vote.[2]

Going home[]

After Monty loses control of the group, they decide to follow Caspar's lead and climb the cliff back to the road, where they find the scattered remains of a fallen satellite. Monty tries to stop them from going home, but the group sides with Caspar.[3]

The group come across an abandoned food truck on the road and run towards the back, where they find snacks and drinks. Up front, Alfie finds a radio and tries to get a signal. For a moment, they listen to an emergency broadcast until Monty destroys the radio after it begins emitting an ear-piercing sound.[4]

Alfie, Darwin, Monty, Caspar, and Jamila are stuck in the countryside until catching a ride home with a woman named Zoe, who tells them that aliens have invaded the planet. She drops them off just outside the gates, and they split off into different directions, all heading home.[5]


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