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"Contact" is the eighth episode of the Apple TV+ series, Invasion. It premiered on November 26, 2021.


Trevante's plane lands, but his journey home is just beginning. Caspar and Jamila brave London's streets, trying to make sense of his secret.


Trevante and the Afghan family he traveled with arrive in London, England, by plane. However, all air traffic has been grounded, preventing Trevante from making it back home to his wife.

New York, Northview College, Aneesha and David become reacquainted. Meanwhile, Luke makes a new friend named Jack, who shows him where they keep the bodies.

Tokyo, Japan, Mitsuki is handcuffed to a desk by the U.S. military and bargains for her freedom and to lead the comms team, as she's the only person capable of accessing the Hoshi-12's communications system.

Caspar returns home with Jamila at his side, only to discover that his mother has met a tragic end at the hands of the aliens.

David takes Aneesha to what's left of the medical equipment. The military has taken all of the useful stuff, leaving them with antiseptics and band-aids. They need people who can improvise, people like Aneesha, David remarks before passionately kissing Aneesha, who reveals to David that she's not actually a doctor and that she only actually has medical training.

Mitsuki's first act as leader of the comms team is sending a command to open the shuttle comms channel in order to communicate with the aliens.

Caspar tells Jamila about his mom and then reveals that he could've done something to stop all of this, as he's been seeing and drawing pictures of the aliens for days leading up to the actual invasion.

Aneesha goes searching for Luke. She finds him, Ahmed, and Sarah in the lab, where they keep the bodies, standing over a corpse with the alien object.

After realizing that the aliens don't have an actual language, at least nothing similar to humans, Mitsuki transmits thousands of files, videos and images of Hinata, to the aliens as sort of a visual format that the aliens can comprehend. Before long, they hear back. "Wajo" is repeated over all frequencies.

Cast and characters[]


Guest starring[]


  • Fatima Ezzahra El Jaouhari as Afghani Mother
  • Moad Morjany as Afghani Son
  • Noura Behlouli as Afghani Daughter
  • Youness Chara as Afghani Young Soldier
  • Hicham Goullal as Soldier
  • Sharinna Allan as Woman in Cafeteria
  • Orlando Brooke as Seti Expert
  • Kersti Bryan as Jack's Mother
  • Jordan Coates as Jack
  • Eurydice El-etr as Linguistic Expert
  • Kerry Malloy as Jack's Mother's Boyfriend
  • Hinako Matsumoto as Japanese Translator
  • Louis Sparks as British Private
  • Edwin Thomas as Squadron Leader Harris
  • Sadao Ueda as Japanese Official