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Darwin Charles is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Darwin is Caspar’s friend and one of the kids in the bus crash.


Bus crash[]

Darwin arrives at school with his friends, and they board the bus on a class field trip when it crashes due to Caspar having a seizure and Mr. Edwards becoming distracted and driving the bus off a cliff.[1]

Save for Mr. Edwards, who is badly wounded, the kids escape the crash with minor injuries. And that night, they set up camp, start a fire, and choose someone to lead their group.[2]

Going home[]

Monty loses control of the group, and they decide to follow Caspar's lead and head back up the cliff to the road, where they find scattered pieces of a fallen satellite. Monty tries to stop them from going home, but the group has chosen to join Caspar.[3]

When the group finds an abandoned food truck on the road with snacks and drinks in the back, some of them decide to stay put and wait for help. This puts them at odds and causes them to split in half. Darwin ultimately decides to join Caspar, who plans to lead them home.[4]

Darwin, Monty, Alfie, Caspar, and Jamila wander the countryside until they catch a ride home from a woman named Zoe, who warns them that the planet has been invaded by aliens. She drops them off just outside the gates, where they split off into different directions.[5]


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