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David Barton is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

David is an orthopedic surgeon who befriends Aneesha as they work from a mobile medical unit.


Meeting Aneesha[]

David is among several doctors whose services have been enlisted by the military. In the back of the ambulance, he meets Aneesha, who introduces herself as Dr. Angela Lockhart. They are taken to a mobile medical unit, where they perform surgery on injured civilians. There, Aneesha discovers a foreign life form inside of one of their patients.[1]

David reunites with Aneesha at Northview College, where he has been providing medical assistance. There, he meets Ahmed and the rest of her family.[2]

David takes Aneesha to what's left of the medical equipment and tells her they need people who can improvise, people like Aneesha, David remarks before passionately kissing Aneesha until she reveals that she's not actually a doctor.[3]


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