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"Going Home" is the fifth episode of the Apple TV+ series, Invasion. It premiered on November 5, 2021.


The president of the United States gives an urgent global address in an attempt to prepare the world for what lies ahead.


Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, Trevante returns to camp with Chavez’ body in the back of the truck, only to discover that the base has been abandoned and that there was an order for emergency evacuation after forces made contact with an unknown hostile. Trevante then buries Chavez near the base while recalling the last thing Chavez ever said to him: "Go home." And so, he calls his wife and tells her he’s coming home.

New York, the Maliks have found refuge with the Mitchells. However, between the curfew, slim rations, and the need for a generator, someone needs to head into town for supplies. Ultimately, Aneesha volunteers while Manny stays home with Luke and Sarah. While searching for goods out of a store that has been cleaned out, Aneesha is picked up by the military, who enlist in her help after she tells them that she’s a doctor despite only having gone to medical school. Aneesha joins the other doctors in the next town over, among them is an orthopedic surgeon named David Barton, whom she assists with a surgery, in which they find a foreign life form inside an injured civilian.

London, England, the kids come across an abandoned food truck while on the road. There is no driver, but Caspar notices metallic pricks protruding through the passenger seat. Alfie then discovers a radio and manages to receive a brief signal from an emergency broadcast, reporting tragedy across the globe. The group then makes the unwise decision to split up — Casper leads half the group home, while the other half remain inside the food truck.

Tokyo, Japan, Mitsuki returns to JASA despite being fired and demands to talk with Hashimoto, who listens to the enhanced audio from the shuttle just moments before it ruptured. The phrase "Wajo" can be heard, meaning the shuttle didn’t depressurize and that there could still be someone alive up there. Hashimoto then admits that she wasn’t the only one who heard something and plays Mitsuki another recording taken from the KIBO module approximately six hours ago, leaving them to suspect that the shuttle collided with some form of extraterrestrial life. Upon learning that JASA would be partnering with America and with Hashimoto’s blessing, Mitsuki steals some equipment to do her own independent investigation.

The President reveals to the nation in a televised address being broadcasted in over 100 languages, across every continent, that they are being visited by extraterrestrial life, i.e. aliens. Until further notice, the President declares martial law.

Cast and characters[]


Guest starring[]


  • Rolando Chusan as Julian
  • Brian Faherty as Trauma Victim
  • Richard Gallagher as Jason
  • Myra Thibault as Praying Woman
  • Ronald Austin Jr. as Unsettled Man
  • Alex Ross as Volunteer
  • Adam Ross Ratcliffe as National Guard
  • Madia Hill Scott as National Guard
  • Cathleen Trigg as Anchor