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Hinata Murai is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Smart, beautiful, successful and well-respected. Hinata is a famous female astronaut and Japanese national hero, recognized on the street by adoring, zealous crowds of people. She is involved in a secret romance with another woman who works at the Japanese space agency.


Early life[]

When Hinata was four years old, she was given a compass by her father. She loved it so much that she didn't play with any of her toys for months. She would go to the park with her compass and line up the little red arrow north.[1] Unfortunately, Hinata and her father's relationship would strain over her choice to not live her life fully and keep the fact that she was gay a secret.[2]

Trip to the ISS[]

Hinata is one of three astronauts chosen for a one-year trip to the International Space Station. So the morning of, she writes Mitsuki a goodbye letter rather than saying goodbye in person and boards the shuttle. But before lift off, Mitsuki joins her to repair the comms and whispers a message. Then, the shuttle successfully lifts off but ruptures while in space.[3]

Dead in space[]

The aliens use Hinata to make contact with Mitsuki and the U.S. military at the satellite station in Japan. Whilst Mitsuki is relieved to hear her voice, the military makes the startling discovery that Hinata's voice is synthesized.[4]


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