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"Home Invasion" is the sixth episode of the Apple TV+ series, Invasion. It premiered on November 12, 2021.


In shock from the president's speech, Aneesha rushes back to her family only to find their safe haven—and their lives—threatened.


Following the President's address, Aneesha jumps out of the back of an ambulance headed for the next town over and runs for miles back to the Mitchell's. Along the way, she comes across a military outpost, which has been completely obliterated, though she does manage to recover a handgun from one of the corpses.

Aneesha finally makes it back to the house, only to discover that it is under attack by aliens. Fortunately, she finds everyone unharmed and tucked away in the attic, though the same cannot be said for the Mitchells' dog.

When one of the aliens begin attacking, they are forced to plot their escape, but Patrick refuses to allow them to leave in fear that the noise will give up their location. A fight ensues, and Sarah falls through the floor. Aneesha jumps down to save her and hides behind a door as an alien follows the sounds of her crying up the stairs.

Aneesha and Sarah are able to escape the room unseen when Kel's leg gets stuck in the floor and attracts the attention of the alien. This allows them to sneak downstairs into a closet.

Ahmed and Luke slowly make their way downstairs and towards the front door, which is barricaded off. As Manny attempts to unblock the door, Luke joins Aneesha and Sarah in the closet, from where Aneesha watches as Manny is attacked. She uses this opportunity to sneak down into the basement and out of a small window.

Outside, Aneesha and the kids reconvene with Patrick, who tosses her the keys to the truck but is unable to save himself. Fortunately, after a close call with the alien, the Maliks escape.

Cast and characters[]


Guest starring[]


  • Richard Busser as Ambulance Driver
  • Rolando Chusan as Julian
  • Richard Gallagher as Jason