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"Hope" is the seventh episode of the Apple TV+ series, Invasion. It premiered on November 19, 2021.


Mitsuki commandeers a satellite station, hoping to make contact with outer space. Caspar reveals a strange secret he thinks is related to the invasion.


New York, while seeking help for Ahmed, Aneesha inquires about the strange object she pulled from Luke’s bag and used to kill the alien. However, before he can explain where he found it, Aneesha is forced to pull over to the side of the road and perform an emergency procedure in order to save Ahmed’s life. After getting Manny stable, the Maliks seek refuge in a retro-styled diner for the night before heading to an outpost located at Northview College, where Aneesha runs into Dr. David Barton, who tends to Ahmed.

Afghanistan, Trevante comes across a family of Afghans while investigating an explosion that has left at least one person dead. The husband speaks English and reveals that Camp Travis went up in flames and that he and his family are headed for Kabul, where a plane awaits. Rather than walking 200 miles, Trevante offers the family a ride. They arrive at Kabul airport, where the soldiers are refusing to allow anyone else on board. So, Trevante offers up his rifle as payment in exchange for travel for him and the Afghan family.

Caspar, Jamila, Monty, Alfie, and Darwin roam the countryside of England in search of refuge when a woman in a truck comes speeding down the road. Caspar stands center as the vehicle comes racing towards him, forcing the woman to come to an abrupt halt. From her, they get a ride back to London and learn that the world has been invaded by aliens. Once they make it back to London, the group splits up, each heading home, though Monty does first apologize to Caspar for treating him poorly. On their way home, just before a near encounter with an alien, Caspar reveals to Jamila that he’s been seeing things and hearing a voice in his head.

Tokyo, Japan, Mitsuki, Kaito, and Ikuro infiltrate the satellite station as authorized JASA officials in order to hopefully make contact with the aliens using the audio from the last moments of the shuttle, which they’ve turned into a spectral fingerprint in hopes of finding whatever is broadcasting it. As the satellites search for the pattern from the transmission, Mitsuki realizes that they aren’t searching for a broadcast at all, rather a network, similar to a hive mind. However, they fear the pattern is gone until Mitsuki spots an anomaly, which they discover is the distress beacon from the shuttle, but the police arrive to take Mitsuki, Kaito, and Ikuro away before they can pinpoint the location of it.

Cast and characters[]


Guest starring[]


  • Fatima Ezzahra El Jaouhari as Afghani Mother
  • Omniya Tabit as Afghani Mother
  • Nouredine Touami as Afghani Father
  • Moad Morjany as Afghani Son
  • Noura Behlouli as Afghani Daughter
  • Adam Ross Ratcliffe as National Guard
  • Cheryse Dyllan as National Guard
  • Ricardo Manigat as National Guard
  • Youness Chara as Afghani Young Soldier
  • Hicham Goullal as Soldier
  • Sadao Ueda as Japanese Official