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Ikuro Murai is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Ikuro is Hinata’s estranged father, who is left mourning her death after her shuttle ruptures while on a one-year trip to the International Space Station.


Early life[]

Ikuro gifted Hinata a compass when she was four years old. She loved it so much that she didn't play with any of her toys for months. He used to take her to the park with her compass and line up the little red arrow north.[1] Unfortunately, Ikuro's relationship with his daughter would strain over her choice to not live her life fully and keep the fact that she was gay a secret.[2]

Meeting Mitsuki[]

Ikuro receives an unexpected visit from Mitsuki, claiming to be an administrator at JASA. However, he quickly sees beyond her ruse and deduces that she was Hinata’s girlfriend. Admittedly, Ikuro and Hinata had grown estranged over the years, as he couldn't bear to see her live her life in secrecy. Mitsuki then plays him the audio from the shuttle comms of Hinata’s final moments.[2]

Breaking into the satellite station[]

Ikuro joins Mitsuki and Kaito with infiltrating the satellite station as authorized JASA officials so that they can make contact with the aliens while using the audio from the final moments of the shuttle. They discover a distress beacon from the Hoshi-12, but the police arrive to take them away before they can pinpoint the exact location.[3]

Making contact with the aliens[]

Ikuro is in disbelief when Mistsuki seemingly makes contact with Hinata, who has somehow managed to survive the shuttle rupture. However, they soon discover that Hinata's voice is simply being synthesized by the aliens, who are asking for help.[4]

After the U.S. military launches a nuclear attack that seemingly stops the invasion, Ikuro, Mitsuki, and Kaito return home, during which time, he tells Mitsuki about the compass he gifted to Hinata when she was a child.[1]


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