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Jamila Huston is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Jamila is a girl at school that Caspar has a crush on.


The crash[]

Jamila is on a class trip when she becomes more acquainted with Caspar. When Mr. Edwards hits a pothole, Caspar drops his sketchbook, which Jamila picks up and takes a liking to, specifically a drawing that appears to resemble her and Caspar in space. However, the class trip turns bad when Caspar begins to have a seizure and the bus drives off a cliff.[1]

Jamila and Caspar are fine beyond a few bumps and bruises, whereas Mr. Edwards is badly injured from the crash. So, Caspar pulls glass from his face as Jamila performs a tourniquet around Mr. Edward’s arm, as her mother is a nurse.[2]

The climb back to the road[]

Jamila follows Caspar's lead and scales the intimidating cliff back to the road, where they find shattered pieces of a satellite that crashed down, which as Jamila points out, means that Caspar wasn't the cause of the crash. She also notices that a piece of the satellite resembles one of Caspar's drawings. [3]

Going home[]

The kids come across an abandoned food truck with snacks and drinks in the back, but Jamila and Caspar are more concerned with the missing driver, who Jamila believes may have gotten into an accident and taken to the hospital. When the group splits in half, which some staying at the truck and the rest walking home, Jamila decides to join Caspar.[4]

Jamila, Caspar, and what remains of their crew roam the countryside until catching a ride back to London from a woman named Zoe, who tells them that aliens have invaded the Earth. Jamila and Caspar stick together after parting ways with the others and have a near encounter with an alien. Caspar also reveals to Jamila that he’s been seeing things and hearing a voice in his head.[5]

Jamila accompanies Caspar home, where they make a startling discovery involving Caspar's mother and where Caspar reveals to her that he's been seeing and drawing pictures of the aliens for days leading up to the actual invasion.[6]

Searching for her mother[]

Jamila and Caspar are escorted to the hospital by Trevante, where Caspar finds a neurologist to induce one of his seizures in hopes of stopping the invasion, whilst Jamila searches for her mom. But when the aliens begin attacking the hospital in search of Caspar, they are forced into a corner.[7]

Despite Dr. Chapman revealing that Caspar is brain-dead, Jamila remains hopeful that he'll return to her. However, Trevante on the other hand, refuses to stay any longer and plans to return home, but not before Jamila gives him Caspar's notebook with all his drawings that seemingly predicted the invasion. She also reunites with her mother.[8]


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