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Jerome Hall is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Jerome is Monty’s friend, and the two of them frequently bully Caspar.


Bus crash[]

Jerome and Monty bully Caspar in the school hallway before boarding the bus with for the class trip, during which Caspar begins to have a seizure, which distracts Mr. Edwards and causes the bus to drive clear off a cliff.[1]

Jerome and the others survive the crash with nothing more than a few bumps and bruises, but the same can't be said for Mr. Edwards, which Jerome and Monty blame Caspar for. Later, when it comes time to choose a leader for their group, Jerome votes in favor of Monty.[2]

Escaping the ditch[]

Jerome backs Monty up as he attempts to maintain order and control of the group, even going as far as throwing rocks at Rupert when he attempts to leave. However, when it comes time to decide between staying with Monty or following the others home, Jerome decides to go with Caspar.[3]

The kids come across an abandoned food truck and rush towards snacks and drinks in the back. However, when the group splits, Jerome decides to stay at the truck whilst Monty leaves with Caspar to go home.[4]


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