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Learah is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Learah is Trevante's estranged wife. After the death of their son, Trevante left for Afghanistan.


Learah gets an unexpected call from Trevante, who is stationed in Afghanistan. She wasn't expecting to see him and has a draft deadline to finish, so she rushes off the call without saying much.[1]

While wandering the desert after losing contact with his team, Trevante succumbs to the overwhelming heat and begins hallucinating. For a moment, he sees Learah in the distance.[2]

Learah gets a call from Trevante, who tells her that he's on his way home. Whilst on the phone, she listens to the televised Presidential address, in which the President reveals that they are being visited by extraterrestrial life.[3]

Learah is in disbelief when she returns home and discovers that Trevante is back. He's hoping to rekindle their relationship, an idea that Learah is initially reluctant to hear and not so receptive to, but when he tells her that he's getting a new job, she gives him another chance.[4]


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