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Mr. Edwards is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Mr. Edwards was Caspar’s teacher, who took the class on a field trip, only to end up driving off into a ditch, narrowly avoiding metal shrapnel falling from the sky.


Class trip[]

After breaking up an incident between Caspar and Monty in the hall, Mr. Edwards takes the class on a field trip. However, he is distracted when Caspar begins to have a seizure and then narrowly avoids fallowing shrapnel from the sky, causing him to drive off a cliff.[1]

Mr. Edwards seems to get the worst of the fall, as all the children seem to only suffer superficial injuries, whereas he is badly injured. So much so that Caspar and Jamila have to tend to his wounds and perform a tourniquet around his arm.[2]

Mr. Edwards has succumbed to his wounds, leaving the children without any parental guidance.[3]


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