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Patrick Mitchell is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Patrick and his wife Kel open their home to the Maliks after crossing paths with Luke in the woods, who had strayed away from his family.


Taking in the Maliks[]

Patrick and Kel come across Luke in the woods. Not long after, his family comes searching for him. They are met by Patrick and his shotgun, which he claims isn't loaded, before inviting the Maliks to stay with them due to the curfew.[1]

Due to the curfew, slim rations, and the need for a generator, Patrick intends to head into town for supplies along with Ahmed, but he claims he doesn't want to leave the kids behind. So, Aneesha volunteers while Manny stays home with Luke and Sarah.[2]

Hiding in the attic[]

After their home is attacked and their dog is killed by aliens, Patrick and Kel instructs the Maliks to hide in the attic, where they remain until Aneesha returns and announces her plan to escape. Patrick tries to stop her in fear that her leaving will only make noise. This results in both Kel and Sarah falling through the floor, gaining the attention of their attackers, though Patrick does manage to make it out the house and toss Aneesha the car keys.[3]


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