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Poppy Rees is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Poppy is one of the students from the bus crash.


The crash[]

Poppy is aboard the bus on a class field trip when it crashes due to Caspar having a seizure and Mr. Edwards becoming distracted, leading to him driving the bus off a cliff.[1]

With the exception of Mr. Edwards, who is badly wounded, the kids all escape the crash with minor cuts and scrapes. And that night, they set up camp, start a fire, and choose leadership.[2]

After Monty loses control of the group, they scale the cliff back to the road, where they find scattered pieces of a fallen satellite. Monty attempts to regain control and prevent them from leaving, but the group follows behind Caspar.[3]

Staying at the truck[]

The group find an abandoned food truck and run towards snacks and drinks in the back. However, when the group splits in half, Poppy decides to stay at the truck whilst Caspar leads the other half home.[4]


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