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Rupert Bailey is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Rupert was among the students in the bus crash.


Bus crash[]

Rupert joins his friends at school, where Caspar is bullied by Monty. After Mr. Edwards intervenes, they get on the bus, which crashes off a cliff due to Caspar having a seizure and Mr. Edwards taking his eyes off the road.[1]

The kids escape the crash with minor injuries, and that night, they set up camp, start a fire, and choose leadership, which ultimately ends up being Monty.[2]

Escaping the ditch[]

With no true leadership, Rupert argues that they should try to get back to the road, but Monty and Jerome say otherwise and begin throwing rocks at him until Caspar intervenes, stripping Monty of his leadership and leading the group up the cliff and to the road.[3]

The kids walk the road until they find an abandoned food truck with snacks and drinks in the back. When the group splits in half, Rupert decides to stay at the truck whilst Caspar leads the other half home.[4]


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