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Sarah Malik is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Aneesha and Ahmed’s daughter and Luke’s younger sister. Sweet, intuitive, playful and wise beyond her years. When an unknown attack hits her town, Sarah leans on her family for support, but she can sense her parents’ crumbling relationship.


Nosebleed at school[]

Sarah and Luke get up for school, where all the children, except for Luke, suffer a nosebleed, resulting in them being released early to their parents. Their mother arrives and takes a reluctant and scared Sarah to the doctor, who confirms that she is fine. That night, Sarah and Luke are scared awake after an explosion shakes the neighborhood.[1]

Sarah and Luke are taken down into the basement, where they remain with their mother as their father assess the damage outside. However, he comes running back in after Luke begins screaming in pain about something being in his ear, saying "Wajo," but Aneesha is unable to discover the source of his pain. After a second explosion, the Maliks prepare to leave the city.[2]

With Sarah and Luke in the back of the car, Aneesha drives recklessly out of the city and pulls into a gas station to charge the car and gather supplies. However, instead of returning to their car, they end up in another family's stolen car, which Aneesha drives to a nearby motel.[3]

Sarah and Luke have taken notice of the fact that their parents are constantly fighting and straying further away from each other, leading Sarah to wonder if their parents intend to get a divorce, but Luke assures her that they aren't. Sarah then sees an odd alien object in Luke's bag, which he reveals that he found.[4]

Attacked by aliens[]

Sarah and Luke hide in the attic with their father and the Mitchells when the house is attacked by aliens. When their mother finally returns, they plot their escape, but Sarah falls through the floor, forcing Aneesha to jump down to save her as one of the aliens head upstairs. They hide behind the door before sneaking downstairs and hiding in a closet.[5]

After witnessing their mother kill an alien with the object she found in Luke's bag, she asks Luke where he got it from, but before he can answer, they pull over to the side of the road, where Aneesha performs an emergency procedure in order to save Ahmed’s life. After he's stable, they find refuge at a college after spending the night in a retro diner.[6]

Seeking refuge in the woods[]

After the government discovers that they can finally defeat the aliens with the object Luke found, the Maliks are escorted by the U.S. military to the Pentagon. However, their convoy is hit on the way, and they flee into the woods, where they separate from Ahmed, who provides a distraction for them to escape.[7]

Losing her father[]

After having lost her father, Sarah and Luke are taken out of the woods and to a nearby abandoned fire station by their mother, where they remain for the night. They hear over the radio that the invasion is over, but Aneesha isn't convinced it's safe to return home just yet, but they do make time to hold a funeral for their father.[8]


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