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Shin Hashimoto is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Mitsuki’s superior at the Japanese space agency where she works. While stern in conversation with his subordinates, Hashimoto clearly recognizes Mitsuki’s intellect.


Launch of the Hoshi-12[]

On the day of the launch for the Hoshi-12 -- a year-long trip to the International Space Station, Hashimoto approaches Mitsuki at her station and informs her that the backup comms on the shuttle require repairing.[1]

Hashimoto calls Mitsuki back into work just three hours after they lose communication with the shuttle. She manages to re-establish a connection with the Hoshi-12, during which they discover that the shuttle ruptured, killing all the astronauts aboard, presumably.[2]

When Mitsuki discovers that their operation is being taken over by a government issued independent commission to determine what went wrong with the shuttle, she steals Hashimoto's badge and breaks into the comms room with Kaito to watch the final moments leading up to the shuttle's rupture.[3]

Firing Mitsuki[]

Hashimoto fires Mitsuki after she broke into the comms room, though after watching the final moments of the shuttle before it ruptured, Mitsuki claims that something hit it, though Hashimoto writes it off as nothing more than space junk.[4]

Helping Mitsuki[]

Mitsuki plays Hashimoto the enhanced audio from the shuttle just moments before it ruptured. They both clearly hear the phrase "Wajo," suggesting the shuttle didn’t depressurize and that there could still be someone alive up there. Hashimoto then admits that Mitsuki wasn’t the only one who heard something and plays her another recording taken from the KIBO module approximately six hours ago, leaving them to suspect that the shuttle collided with some form of extraterrestrial life.[5]

Hashimoto negotiates for Mitsuki to be released from custody after she is taken into custody for infiltrating the satellite station. He also arranges for her to lead the comms team.[6]

A bit of hope is restored when Mitsuki seemingly makes contact with Hinata, but the U.S. military confirm that the voice is synthesized and that they intend to use their current signal to nuke the aliens while they have the chance.[7]


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