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"The King Is Dead" is the fourth episode of the Apple TV+ series, Invasion. It premiered on October 29, 2021.


Trevante fears the worst until a locator beacon gives him hope. Mitsuki finds an ally in the most unexpected place.


London, England, Caspar and Jamila awaken to discover that Mr. Edwards has succumbed to his wounds, leaving the children without any adult supervision. And when Caspar rescinds his vote and Monty reveals his secret to the group in retaliation, Caspar decides to climb the rocks to the top to seek help, where they uncover the scattered remains of a satellite that fell from the sky that also resembles one of Caspar’s drawings. When Monty attempts to stops them from leaving to go home, they rally against him and follow Caspar’s lead.

Upstate, New York, as Aneesha and Manny stray further from one another, Luke and Sarah take notice, questioning if their parents’ relationship will end with a divorce. Due to a declared federal emergency, the Maliks are forced to evacuate the motel, during which Aneesha makes another startling discovery regarding Manny. All their arguing leads to Luke running away and stumbling upon an older couple, Patrick and Kel Mitchell, in a house on the other end of the woods, who offer the Malik family refuge.

Afghanistan, Kuchi leads Trevante to Dishu whilst in search of goats. There, Trevante tracks Chavez’ signal to a hospital, however, he is in too poor of a condition to travel, so Trevante is forced to carry him out when the hospital is attacked.

Tokyo, Japan, Mitsuki is fired from JASA by Hashimoto after breaking into the comms room, though she is more determined than ever to prove that the shuttle was attacked even if Kaito and Hashimoto believe otherwise. So, she seeks out Hinata’s father, Mr. Murai, from whom she learns that he and Hinata had grown estranged, as he didn’t approve of his daughter living her life in secrecy. Mitsuki then plays him the audio from the shuttle comms of Hinata’s final moments.

Cast and characters[]


Guest starring[]


  • Soukaina Benchekroun as Nurse
  • Koh Mochizuki as Ryusei
  • Yoshiro Kono as Japanese News Anchor
  • Sonia Okacha as Doctor in Cell
  • Ben Getz as Motel Boyfriend
  • Sarah Rich as Motel Girlfriend
  • Peter Townsend as National Guardsman
  • Danny Doherty as Motel Trucker
  • Raymond Neil Hernandez as Motel Trucker
  • Michiko Sasaki as JASA Investigator
  • Yasu Suzukii as JASA Investigator