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Trevante Cole is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Invasion.

Growing up in small-town Florida, Trevante was always unsatisfied with his mundane existence. He wanted something more. And so, Trevante enlisted in the military, leaving his wife and ordinary, idyllic life waiting patiently behind. Over in Iraq and Syria, Trevante shed his “ordinary” skin and discovered he’s extraordinary at being a soldier. When we first meet Trevante, it’s just days before he’s set to be discharged back home. But Trevante can’t compel himself to return to his mundane life. So instead, he bravely runs back into battle, when an unknown threat makes itself known. Eventually, Trevante will be forced to work with a ragtag group from all walks of life as they try to survive, and he soon discovers it is at home where he can be most heroic.


Stationed in Afghanistan[]

Trevante is stationed in the Province of Kandahar, where he and his unit investigate the disappearance of a missing squad who they've lost contact with. They arrive in a local village and are directed to the school, which has been attacked. The kids there, point them in the direction of the missing unit. However, that is where they come into contact with unearthly resistance.[1]

Searching for his squad[]

Trevante awakens disheveled after he and his squad were attacked, however, his men are nowhere to be found, and to make matters worse, he's wounded and is forced to walk the scorching desert aimlessly. Eventually, Trevante succumbs to the heat and passes out, and just for a moment, he imagines seeing his wife. Fortunately, he is rescued by an Afghan man.[2]

Trevante is lead to Dishu by the Afghan man, where he follows Chavez signal to a medical center and finds him badly wounded in the basement. After laying down fire, he picks Chavez up and carries him out while being met with resistance.[3]

Going back home[]

Following Chavez' death, Trevante buries him near base and decides to take his advice and go home. This is after he discovers that the base has been abandoned and that there was an order for emergency evacuation after forces made contact with an unknown hostile.[4]

Trevante meets a family of Afghans while investigating an explosion, but only the husband speaks English and reveals that Camp Travis went up in flames. He and his family are headed for Kabul, where a plane awaits, and Trevante decides to join them for the 200-mile journey. They arrive at Kabul airport, where the soldiers are refusing to allow anyone else on board. So, Trevante offers up his rifle as payment in exchange for travel for him and the Afghan family.[5]

Trevante arrives in London to discover that all air traffic has been grounded, preventing him from making it back home to his wife. After losing all hope, he retreats to a pub and gets drunk, where he meets Caspar and Jamila, who enlist in his help.[6]

Protecting Caspar[]

Trevante escorts Caspar and Jamila to the hospital, where they seek out a neurologist to induce one of Caspar's seizures, but when the hospital is attacked, it is up to Trevante to protect them, which he does by killing at least one of the aliens.[7]

Following the fall of the aliens at the hands of the U.S. military and Caspar's untimely demise, Trevante heads home to reunite with his wife, with whom he works to fix their marriage. They even take a trip to the beach, where they make the startling discovery that the invasion isn't over after all.[8]


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